Courtesy Sagegreenlife

Duet Living Partition, Sagegreenlife
Designed in a collaboration with Gensler, the Duet Living Partition is an eye-catching, modular living wall system that uses a patented hydroponic (soil-free), non-decaying technology. Chicago-based Sagegreenlife alleges that specifying this product, for use indoors, helps "people feel better, experience the advantages of cleaner air, and be more productive at work." Measuring 69" tall and 52" wide, this double-sided divider can fit 240 tropical foliage plants and comes with a self-contained, re-circulating irrigation system.

These plants are grown off site in tiles made from rockwool—layered basalt rock fiber that Sagegreenlife's horticulturist and lead plant designer Nathan Beckner says is inherently anti-microbial and mold-resistant. Available in three finishes (white shown), the divider comes with a 1.5W LED lighting system and low-friction casters. A related product called Productivity fits 120 plants on one side, and a dry-erase board on the other side.