Nichiha fiber-cement siding: “We’ve found this to be very user-friendly and easy to cut and nail,” says Brock Built construction manager Obie Hammons.

Cool Roof reflective roofing.

LP TechShield Radiant Barrier: “It can lower the temperature in the attic by 10 to 15 degrees,” says Hammons.

Blown-in cellulose insulation: “This helps us get checkmarks across several categories,” says Dina Gunderson of Monte Hewett Homes. “It is healthier for the installer and made of recycled newspapers; it’s mold resistant, insect repellent, and a sound barrier as well.”

Spray-foam insulation: “This is great for air-sealing gaps and cracks in the house envelope,” says Todd Usher of Addison Homes. “A major contributor to building a high-performance house is how tightly it’s sealed.”

Owens Corning Propink Complete.

Mitsubishi Electric’s Mr. Slim heat pump: “In this area, heating and cooling equipment accounts for 50% of a home’s energy use,” says Usher. “We see fantastic results with this heat pump,”

WaterFurnace geothermal comfort systems.

Duron and Sherwin-Williams low-VOC paints: “Oftentimes, these are better in quality than traditional paint,” says Usher.

Bona water-based wood finishes: “Water-based urethanes are great for finishing hardwood floors,” says Usher.

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