the tao of tau Inspired by four metals—copper, rhodium, silver, and steel—Tau Cerámica's Metálica collection brings the look of rusted or patinaed metal to porcelain. The water- and frost-resistant tiles can be applied to walls or floors and come in four sizes: 12 inches by 24 inches, 24 inches by 28 inches, and 18-inch and 24-inch squares. Accent and trim pieces are also available. Tau Cerámica, 34.964.250105, [email protected];

color school The high-gloss tones and eye-catching hues of the Colors collection from Colorker are tempered by a wavy texture that casts playful shadows and light. The truly adventurous might pair ochre with brown for a retro bath, mix fire-engine red with black and charcoal in a hip kitchen, or couple lime green with periwinkle blue for a laid-back sunroom. Square floor and wall tiles, as well as rectangular trim pieces in multiple sizes, are available. Colorker, 34.964.361616, [email protected];

eminent domain The dramatic, asymmetrical curves and rugged strength of the Prestigio Series from Sierragres can punch up any interior or exterior space. Each tile measures 1 foot square, making it a bold choice for most architectural styles. Don't let these hardy abrasion-, scratch-, heat-, and shock-resistant tiles fool you, though: They come in creamy colors like Mediterranean blue and orange-flower white. Sierragres, 34.957.364060, [email protected];

show your stripes A polished finish highlights sleek stripes, and subtle iridescent flecks give a sense of depth to the funky Geom tile series from Tau Cerámica. Robust sizes—12 inches by 24 inches or 24 inches by 48 inches—and nearly invisible edges add to the mystique. Geom tiles are available in eight color combinations ranging from pale neutrals to muted primary hues on a black background. Tau Cerámica, 34.964.250105, [email protected];

casa fresca One loop or two? The savvy swirls of Ceracasa Cerámica's Fresh series are sure to win clients and influence interior designers. Five rich hues (beige, blue, burgundy, orange, and white) and a subtle satin finish show off the depth of these tiles' design. Use the textured field tiles alone for a dramatic effect or mix them with smooth mosaic and trim pieces that have been dyed to match. Ceracasa Cerámica, 34.964.361611, [email protected];

la vida roca Roca's White Series combines the clean, stylish flexibility of white with distinctive textures. Manufactured in wall or nonslip floor tile configurations, the collection can be speced with a matte or glossy finish. A variety of sizes and complementary styles means you can mix it up at will. Roca Cerámica, 34.938.917600, [email protected];