Skyline Design SkySafe Bird-Friendly Surface One Etched Glass.
courtesy Skyline Design Skyline Design SkySafe Bird-Friendly Surface One Etched Glass.

Rewilding is all about restoring ecosystems to their natural state—and learning to better coexist with wildlife.

Here are five animal-friendly products to help you do just that.

courtesy Jeld-Wen

Jeld-Wen Turtle Glass
Engineered to help newborn sea turtles avoid crawling toward artificial light emanating from beachfront residences, this tinted, low-e glass for windows and doors substantially minimizes glare—keeping the baby reptiles on their path toward the ocean.

courtesy NanaWall

NanaWall Bearicade Bear-Resistant Folding Doors
Available in widths up to 38 feet, this hardy NanaWall innovation boasts bear-resistant handles and impact-rated laminated glass, among other features, to keep the fuzzy but formidable mammals at bay without sacrificing style. The energy-efficient folding doors, equipped with multipoint locks, also sport sound-control properties.

Jim Cunningham

Vitro Architectural Glass x Walker Glass AviProtek Bird Friendly Glass
Aiming to expand bird-friendly glazing options in North America, this AviProtek glass line offers building professionals low-e coated glass made visible to avian travelers through patterns acid-etched onto the surface. Available in custom etching styles, the insulated glass units are 96 inches by 130 inches and 6mm thick. glassed.

courtesy Vestre

Vestre Leaf Insect Hotel
Designed by Alexander Qual as part of Vestre’s biodiversity-promoting Habitats Series, the Leaf insect hotel offers a refuge for bugs in urban areas. With a trio of models subtly outfitted to accommodate the needs of various winged creatures (think: holes long and wide enough for solitary bees to lay their row of eggs), the product makes a thoughtful addition to gardens and parks.

Mike Sinclair

Skyline Design SkySafe Bird Friendly Glass
With patterns available in 2x2- and 2x4-inch formats, as recommended by the United States Fish and Wildlife Services, SkySafe glass relies on either proprietary Eco-etch engraving, which uses recycled aluminum oxide as an abrasive, or a digitally printed option baked into the glass while tempering to make this exterior glazing option visible to passing feathered friends. The glazing—which can be finished in laminated or low-e options—is available in panes up to 72 inches by 144 inches in standard glass thicknesses.

This article first appeared in the July/August issue of ARCHITECT magazine.