Earth: Agrarian Collection, Fireclay Tile
Inspired by aerial photos of cropland, this collection of 8"-square tiles is made of recycled materials that include scrap porcelain and post-industrial granite dust. Geometric shapes on the 0.31"-thick tiles take their Technicolor forms through glaze trailing, a precise technique that applies paint through the thin tip of a bottle. The collection offers eight patterns in warm, cool, or white palettes.

Air: Cloud, Ann Sacks
The subtle patterns on these unglazed, slip-cast pigmented porcelain tiles are created using neriage, an ancient Japanese technique of layering and slicing clays of various colors atop one another. The 5.5"-square tiles are offered in five patterns, in 10 colors, and four colorways.

Fire: Stardust, Walker Zanger
Made of lava stone, this collection of retro tiles pays homage to the late David Bowie’s iconic Ziggy Stardust. A traditional European glazing technique used for lava-stone countertops is applied to these smaller-scale tiles, suitable for wall and floor applications. Available in seven patterns.

Water: Tides, Clé Tile
A new addition to the company’s Watermark Collection, and designed by artist-in-residence Luca Osburn, these 4"-by-8" porcelain tiles are an interpretation of waves in the Pacific Ocean. In four colors, including Kelly’s cove and jetty.

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