Interior designers have a knack for bringing a space together—and they know it. Give them something worthy of a spot in their own collection of inspired wares.

1. Splatter Paint Mugs, Peter Shire
Picked by: Brooks Atwood, founder and principal of Brooks Atwood Design 
"Any interior designer will go gaga over these," Atwood says. "They are unique with splashes of color—muted and simplistic with a twist of sass—and they also scream that you are awesome and have great taste. Because you do. You know you do." $40;

2. Home On-The-Go, Romp
Picked by: Adam Zimmerman, AIA, Zimmerman Workshop
Arrange the furniture in more than 1,300 configurations with this 13-piece campervan dollhouse, a great gift for the interior designer who never really grew up. From $80;

3. Runwell, Shinola
Picked by: Colin Brice, cofounder of Mapos
Operating out of a former factory building, Shinola is a revived heritage brand determined to restore manufacturing to the city of Detroit. "Everyone needs a good watch," Brice says. "Keep it analog and keep it made in the USA, Detroit." $550;

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