Eaton's Cooper Lighting

Designed for interior applications, this luminous LED tile can be surface mounted or recessed into walls and ceilings for decorative or functional illumination. Housed in a 0.75"-deep anodized aluminum frame, the linear LED strips edge-light a Cooper Lighting  WaveStream panels. Laser-precise microscopic optics produce a directed light output enabling angle control, spread, and uniformity. It is offered in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K. Sizes range from 6" square at 5.6W producing 700 lumens to 12" by 24" at 22.4W producing 2,800 lumens. The luminaires can be mounted into gypsum-board walls providing a flangeless edge or be surface mounted for limited recess-depth applications. The tile can be customized with colored filters from Lee or Rosco or with signage and graphic templates. A remote 120V or 227V Class 2 power supply can be located within the junction box. Offered in an anodized aluminum or custom anodized finish. The tile is ETL listed.