The GoodDay Troffer
Courtesy Lighting Science The GoodDay Troffer

Good Day&Night Troffers, Lighting Science • These commercial troffer luminaires, designed for recessed ceiling applications in schools, hospitals and other work environments, “…combine the company’s patented GoodDay and GoodNight LED engineered spectrum technologies into one multi-dimensional circadian lighting product.” Available in two sizes–2’ by 2’ or 2’ by 4’–users can switch the fixtures between the GoodDay and GoodNight settings to adjust lighting conditions to mimic the “natural progression of the sun.” In the GoodDay mode, the 2’ by 2’ fixture uses a maximum of 30W and delivers 2,600 lumens; the 2’ by 4’ fixture uses a maximum of 60W and delivers 5,200 lumens. Both luminaires have a color-rendering index of 90-plus and an R9 value of greater than 50 in the 2300 to 5000 correlated color temperature range. For full multi-spectrum and dimming control, the fixtures are controlled via either a standard wall switch or the Lighting Science Wireless Switch. Fixture finish color comes in frosted white. Rated for damp environments. •

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