Huvco. A new way to bring natural light into interior spaces, Huvco’s Parans Fiber Optic Skylight system collects sunlight through lenses on outdoor panels (shown), then funnels the light through optical cables to luminaires. The system’s daylight collectors mount on roofs or façades. The thin, flexible optical cables, which are routed through walls and ceilings, have high light transmission that lets sunlight efficiently reach far into buildings; the luminaires are designed to recreate the feeling of sunlight. Hybrid luminaires that combine natural light and electric light are available. 800.832.6116.

Highland Craftsmen. Poplar Bark House shingle siding is made with bark that is removed from yellow poplar trees before they are shipped to sawmills for use in furniture and other manufacturing. The shingles are kiln-dried to prevent shrinking and cracking, and they contain no chemical additives. They resist infestations and can meet municipal building-code standards for flammability, the company says. 828.765.9010.

Morso. 6100 series cast iron wood stoves are made with 98% recycled material and carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, a Scandinavian environmental certification that sets standards for low particle emissions and high efficiency, and recognizes companies for reducing their carbon footprints, the company says. The four models boast simple, contemporary styling with clean lines and clear fire viewing. They have a maximum heat output of 30,000 BTU. 866.883.9619.

3form. Ecoresin translucent sheet materials are made from spectar PETG co-polyester resin with 40% post-industrial recycled content, and are nontoxic. The material has 40 times the impact strength of glass, the maker says. Ecoresin is the outer layer of Varia architectural panels, encapsulating an interlayer of various colors, textures, patterns, and materials. New collections include Nest (shown in Thicket Fire), which features intertwined patterns; Alchemy, which features metals in organic forms; and Enchanted Forest, which features bold-colored branches and floating flowers. 800.726.0126.

Custom-Bilt Metals. With solid 26-gauge Galvalume construction and an interlocking tab design that aligns panels and creates a waterproof channel, Vail Titan Select shingles stand up to harsh weather, the company says. The Cool Roof Reflective Paint System, which features BASF and Kynar 500 reflective pigmentation technology, provides for efficient cooling performance, the maker adds. The roofing carries a Class A fire rating, a Class 4 hail-resistance rating, and 110-mph wind-resistance rating. 800.826.7813.

Protecto Wrap Co. Featuring high-tack, pressure-sensitive adhesive combined with a three-ply, cross-linked tear- and puncture-resistant poly facer film, Super Stick window and door flashing tape offers maximum adhesion even in high temperatures, the company says. The product forms a permanent waterproof air/vapor seal to prevent moisture and air intrusion, the firm claims. Its release paper is serrated, so part of it may be removed while the rest stays intact for easier integration with the weather-resistant barrier. 877.271.9661.

Broan. Engineered for continuous operation, Energy Star–rated Ultra Silent QTXE ventilation fans are quiet at 0.3 to 1.4 sones and are designed for use with a 6-inch duct. Louvers hide the fan housing at almost any angle, helping the grille to blend in with the ceiling, the company says, and a 16- to 24-inch-span hanger bar system allows for easy installation in all types of construction, the maker adds. It includes a five- to 60-minute shut-off timer. 800.558.1711.

Akeena Solar. Andalay solar panels feature built-in racking and built-in wiring for a smooth, flush appearance that resembles skylights. With 70% fewer parts and 25% fewer attachment points, the panels for a small house can be installed in less than an hour, the company says. Fewer attachment points also means fewer penetrations in the roof, so less opportunity for leaks and failure. 408.395.7774.

Jeld-Wen. The manufacturer now offers SFI-certified windows and patio doors as part of its Custom Wood window line. The products include AuraLast ponderosa pine windows, patio doors, and trim components. AuraLast wood is protected against decay, water, and termites with a water-based, vacuum-pressure process. 800.877.9482.

Caroma. The Sydney Smart dual-flush toilet offers 0.8-gpf and 1.28-gpf flushing options. The WaterSense-labeled unit can save an additional 2,975 gallons of water versus other high-efficiency toilets, the maker says. Enhanced water dynamics ensure a small amount of water can evacuate the bowl, the company adds. 800.605.4218.

Quad-Lock Building Systems. The R-etro insulation system lets remodelers attach expanded polystyrene insulation to an existing building. The system, which has an R-value of 18, adapts to the shape of a building and around protrusions and openings, the company says, and it can be attached to any wall structure. After installation, the product serves as a fastening point for finish materials. 888.711.5625.

Cree. The LR4 4-inch recessed LED downlight offers 540 lumens of light while using less than 11 watts of power. The dimmable lamp comes in warm white or neutral color temperatures, offers a color rendering index of up to 94, and is available in 15- and 30-degree shield angles. 919.991.0700.

NuVo Technologies.The Essentia E6G is the world’s first Energy Star–rated whole-home audio system, according to the maker. Standby mode accounts for more than half the energy that electronics consume, the company says, and models must use less than 1 watt of power in standby to qualify for Energy Star. The E6G uses 0.82 watts in standby by shutting down its amplifier and up to 14 control pads when not in use. The system also is cool-running, has a slim profile, and features organic LED displays for easy readability and low energy consumption. 866.796.4904.

GE Appliances.The Profile SmartDispense Frontload Laundry Pair includes an Energy Star–qualified washer with H2ITION technology that senses the load and adjusts water accordingly, using as little as 10 gallons for small loads. A SmartDispense system automatically releases detergent and fabric softener based on load size. The 4.2-cubic-foot washer and 7.5-cubic-foot dryer communicate load settings. The dryer’s DuoDry system dries clothes faster and more evenly, the maker says. 800.626.2005.

Nana Wall Systems.The WD66 wood folding glass wall system comes with krypton-filled Heat Mirror glazing, providing an energy-efficient solution for large openings. The glass has a 0.23 U-factor and an SHGC of 0.31. The doors can be installed anywhere a traditional wall would stand and come in openings from 8 feet to 40 feet. 800.873.5673.

American Clay. Ideal for commercial or multifamily applications, zero-VOC Enjarre spray-on, single-coat plaster provides a hard, durable, reimulsifiable, fade-resistant finish that is mold-resistant, nontoxic, and creates no on-site waste, says the maker. The natural finish comes pre-tinted in a choice of eight colors and can be applied to a variety of substrates. It typically lasts the life of the walls, adds the firm. The surface can be hand-troweled, if desired, to draw out more of its textural properties. 866.404.1634.

Cambia by Greenleaf.Thermally modified decking uses high heat in a controlled atmosphere to provide increased dimensional stability and decay resistance, the maker says; no chemicals are used to preserve the wood. Because of its stability, the product holds paints and stains longer, meaning it needs less maintenance, the maker adds. 866.960.9663.

Sonoma Cast Stone.EarthCrete concrete mixes are composed of formulas that use local, natural, raw pozzolans, industrial waste ceramics, and fly ash for up to 30% portland cement replacement, the company says, reducing the material’s carbon footprint. The product can be used for sinks, countertops, tiles, and other applications. 877.939.9929.

Smith & Fong. The company now offers FSC-certified bamboo plywood and flooring. The products qualify for the FSC Pure designation, the manufacturer says, signifying they are made of 100% FSC material from a certified forest and have been sold or processed by an FSC chain-of-custody certified company. 866.835.9859.

Typar. Peel & Stick flashing now includes Quik-Peel technology, which lets installers peel release paper from half the width, leaving the remainder in place for easier installation of a weather barrier. Designed for straight jambs and headers, the flashing tape is sturdy yet flexible, the company says, and features a high-performing pressure-sensitive adhesive with a co-polymer formula to provide strong adhesion in virtually any environment. Four sizes are available. 800.284.2780.