Typically bland, interior walls and dividers could often benefit from an aesthetic and functional upgrade. If this week’s collection of walls could talk, they might suggest enhancing or replacing your wallboard with products that turn ordinary partitions into beacons of natural light and blockers of excess noise and fire.

Keralite, Vetrotech
Fire-resistant glass products maker Vetrotech developed a glass-ceramic lite with light transmission comparable to that of float glass while offering protection from fire and smoke. Keralite Select has a color rendering index of 97.1 and a haze value of 0.5% thanks to proprietary polishing technology that limits the tint standard to glass ceramics’ surfaces. Designed to be specified in large sheets for high-traffic areas such as hallways or conference rooms, it installs in conventional fire-rated window and door frames and is available with a 20-, 45-, 60-, 90-, or 180-minute fire-rating.

Ginkgo, Stone Designs
This modular collection of acoustic wall tiles gets its shape from the leaf of the Ginkgo tree, which is native to China. From Stone Designs, with locations in New York and Tokyo, Ginkgo is made from polyester foam felt in white, light gray, gray, and anthracite hues; the panels also can be laminated in custom colors. Designed to dampen noise, they can be installed in small clusters or as a large installation to create a feature piece or one that quietly blends in. h/t: Hypebeast

Stone Designs

Cortland, Knoll Textiles
The honeycomb surface of this woven wallcovering from KnollTextiles is reminiscent of the work of Belgian designer Anne Beetz, who designed textiles for the manufacturer in the 1980s. Cortland, which is part of the company’s Empire Collection of drapery, wallcoverings, and upholstery, is made entirely of polyester with a stain- and moisture-resistant finish.


BuzziFrontDesk, BuzziSpace
As corporations swap cubicles for open desks, clutter control and privacy remain important parts of the office environment. Office furniture manufacturer BuzziSpace designed a panel that attaches to the front or sides of desks to hide items and cords resting atop and beneath them while helping to buffer sound. BuzziFrontDesk comprises cardboard and poplar covered in the company’s proprietary felt, which is made entirely of upcycled plastic bottles, and attaches with powder-coated steel hardware.


MultiSlide Doors, LaCantina
A client’s request for an indoor–outdoor space requires designers to meld unobstructed views with a thermal barrier and, of course, lots of glass. LaCantina Doors incorporated features of lift-and-slide doors into a series of multi-slide and swing products whose wide openings and narrow stile and rail profiles allow designers to increase views to the outside. The doors have a built-in self-drainage weep system, wide panels, and nylon and stainless steel wheels to support heavy loads. Consistent rail and stile widths allow the frames to align when the door is closed and to stack completely flush with each other when the door is open for a clean aesthetic.

LaCantina Doors

Health Care Collection, Création Baumann
A new collection of curtain dividers from Swiss textile maker Création Baumann features 12 nature-inspired designs in vibrant colorways. Among the patterns, Basic IV UN (shown) is made of polyester with an antimicrobial finish that resists dirt and moisture. The semi-transparent curtain is offered in 28 hues. All fabrics in Création Baumann’s Health Care Collection are flame-retardant.

Création Baumann