Known for innovative kitchen concepts, the 110-year-old German brand Poggenpohl has used current architectural trends to inform its latest introduction, +Artesio. The idea, the manufacturer says, is to “liberate the kitchen from its traditional, spatial barriers and integrate it into the overall structure of the home.” Created by Iranian-born architect Hadi Teherani, the new line carries on the company’s tradition of the open kitchen but takes it even further. The concept includes the three surfaces—floor, walls, and ceiling—so when an architect is planning a space all three materials can be selected. The ceiling element integrates all of the pieces necessary for lighting, ventilation, and sound, while the whole system is based on a design grid of 130 mm, which features louvered walls and a horizontal base unit that fit together in a modular way. Options also include a dining table, corner bench, matching chairs, and a dark pine bench. The line will be available in early 2011. Poggenpohl U.S., 973.812.8900;
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