Walls do double duty defining spaces while creating a dynamic look with textured, 3D, or even translucent surfaces. These six products fulfill these expectations—and then some. From a metal-panel rainscreen façade to wallpaper embedded with LEDs to an expansive 40-foot-wide window shade, they add value to interior and exterior walls. Plus: an abstract pendant that looks different from every angle. 

Between, Meystyle LED Wallpaper & Fabric
A new collection of wallpaper from Meystyle gets its name from the spiritual beliefs of the Mayans, who believed December 2012 marked a time of transition from one era to the next. The Between collection  combines embedded LEDs and hand-placed Swarovski crystals that add depth to walls while ensuring no two rolls are exactly the same. Available in 22 designs. meystyle.com

Cascade Metal Panel System, Centria
The Cascade metal-panel rainscreen system from Centria owes a design credit to Mother Nature. Cascade’s flat-slope ribbed profile was inspired by the light and shadow plays created as water tumbles down a waterfall. Concealed fasteners and a common lock joint allow designers to mix and match the system’s seven profiles. Cascade panels can be installed horizontally or vertically and are available in stucco-embossed or smooth finishes. The interchangeable rainscreen panels can be used for insulated or uninsulated, field-assembled walls in new or retrofit construction. centria.com

Gregg Outdoor Suspension Lamp, Foscarini
The Gregg outdoor suspension lamp uses calculated asymmetry to craft an organic form whose look changes with each angle. A white satin diffuser made from handblown glass hangs from a stainless-steel cable. The lamp, from lighting design house Foscarini, is available in three sizes, ranging from 308mm to 595mm at its widest. It can be installed on its own or as a part of an installation. foscarini.com

Kolbe 4500 Series, Kolbe Windows & Doors
Commercial windows generally need to be more resilient and dimensionally stable than their residential counterparts because of their size and placement in high-traffic areas. Kolbe Windows & Doors’ Kolbe 4500 Series features a galvanized steel reinforced uPVC frame and sash. Its extrusions comprise multiple chambers with thick walls to improve energy performance while stabilizers and impact modifiers in the material protect against fading from solar radiation. The doors joints are fusion-welded to create an impervious seal. Tilt turn, fixed, tilt-and-slide, and outswing hinged models are available. The series is offered in two frames: one for the North American market with a frame depth of 3 ¼” and one for the European market with a depth of 2 ?”. kolbecommercial.com

MagnaShade, MechoSystems
Super-wide roller shading systems can be bulky, but MagnaShade’s modular design offers a shallow profile. From MechoSystems, the shade’s sheet rolls up into a 4” diameter and fits inside a 6-1/2”-wide-by-5-1/2”-tall casing.  MagnaShade offers shading or blackout at widths between 15’ and 40’ and heights between 25’ and 40’ in a variety of shades. It can be fastened to interior ceilings or walls through multiple attachment points for added support. mechoshade.com

Modula Wall, Yellow Goat Design
Decorative wall elements can add dramatic flair to a room but are susceptible to damage over time due to use, exposure, and even vandalism. Made from high-pressure compact laminate in tile format, Yellow Goat Design’s Modula Wall is graffiti-proof and waterproof, and has high resistance to scratches, staining, and chemical corrosion. It comes in 40 standard designs, and custom designs are available upon request. yellowgoatdesign.com

Editor's note: This story has been updated since its original publication to change the image for Centria's Cascade system.

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