Courtesy Stillfried Wien

7 Barstool, Stillfried Wien
At 43" tall, this solid wood barstool by Croatian studio Grupa is treated with natural oil and wax, and uses vinyl-based glue. Available in six finishes, including maple, cherry, and walnut.

Courtesy Dino Sanchez

The Brace Stool, Dino Sanchez
A solid oak body and legs firmly plant this elementary school–inspired stool on the ground. Designed by New York–based studio Dino Sanchez, Brace is 17.5" tall, 16" wide, and 11" deep.

Courtesy Council Design

Drift Tall Stool, Council Design
By San Francisco–based studio Branch for Council, this minimalist stool comes in natural ash and four painted finishes (blue, shown) with a steel or brass footstool.

Courtesy Martin Azua

Luco Stool, Martin Azua
Spanish designer Martin Azúa made this turned-wood beech stool using CNC technology. For high-traffic applications, Luco comes in three heights: 17.7", 23.6", and 29.5".

Courtesy Hollis+Morris

Squaretown Stool, Hollis+Morris
Two skewed pyramids morph into each other’s apexes in these stools by Toronto-based studio Hollis+Morris. Available in walnut and oak with natural, white, and black (shown) finishes.

Courtesy Mark Laban

Rustic Stool, Mark Laban
After entering the wrong settings on a CNC-milling machine, British designer Mark Laban leveraged the glitch to form Rustic. The solid maple stool is 17" tall, 13" wide, and 30" long.