Each pair of RE-view sunglasses, which Miniwiz has given the punny tagline "See Beyond Trash," is made from a combination of carbonized rice husk, and two recycled post-consumer CDs or DVDs. The combination creates a polymer-like material, but because it's infused with rice husk fibers, it is more lightweight and flexible than virgin polycarbonate. 

RE-view is only available in the forest green color seen here, although Miniwiz will be releasing more color options soon. The sunglasses come with a collapsible case made from recycled polypropylene for easy pocket storage when consumers are protecting their eyes with 400nm worth of protection from UV rays. The frames and case combined amount to 70%+ carbon savings, so you can soak up the sun guilt free on the beach.  

Miniwiz received the 2015 Technology Pioneer Award from the World Economic Forum, and has created a number of other innovative products like Re-Case (now in it's fifth edition), as well as a prototype for a handheld wind and solar AA battery charger and adapter, called Biscuit

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