The general contractor is responsible for ensuring that the structure you meticulously designed is built as planned. Show them your gratitude with these back-to-basics accessories; plus, one high-tech gizmo.

1. Pewter Round Coasters, Match
Picked by: Brooks Atwood, founder and principal of Brooks Atwood Design 
Stacked in a wooden case and handmade by Italian artisans, these coasters "are beautiful in their simplicity and material honesty," Atwood says. "Contractors will love that these coasters have a place to return them [to]. They won't get lost or run out of power—and they won't change their designs every week." $105 (pair);

2. Switch-Buckle Belt, Everlane
Picked by: Adam Zimmerman, AIA, Zimmerman Workshop
Zimmerman says he was only half-joking when he picked this Italian leather belt from San Francisco and Los Angeles studio Everlane. "It seems the contractors I work with don't have belts," he says. With three different colors of leather and four silver buckles to choose from, the belt can be tailored to your contractor's style. $45;

3. Tiffin Food Boxes, Module R
Picked by: Zimmerman
Though jobsites can be 24-hour hubs of activity, nearly all workers will break for food. Give your favorite contractor a stackable, reusable, and "cool" lunch box, Zimmerman says. These containers come in an array of bright or rugged colors. $32;

4. J.A. Fällman Bucksaw, Sanborn Canoe Co.
Picked by: Colin Brice, cofounder of Mapos
This hickory wood bucksaw from the Winona, Minn.–based company speaks to the outdoorsman or outdoorswoman in every contractor. "It's an old-school tool that transcends simple use and brings beauty back to craft," Brice says. From $75;

5. iPad with Bluebeam Revu, Apple
Picked by: Emily Putas, AIA, Stantec
To promote organization, Putas will be sending her general contractor a jobsite tablet with Bluebeam Revu document review and management software. "Everyone could be more informed while on site without carrying around a bazooka-sized drawing set," she says. "Now that we have the ability to view drawings and 3D models on a screen, paper sizes shouldn't be an obstacle anymore, especially as we move toward more model-based processes." $399 (iPad), $9.99 (Bluebeam Revu via iTunes); and

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