Use any image or photo to create highly customized architectural glass designs. It’s easy with our VEKTR Digital Canvas!
Use any image or photo to create highly customized architectural glass designs. It’s easy with our VEKTR Digital Canvas!


The use of regional or setting-specific imagery to personalize public spaces is growing. Whether creatively interpreting local scenes, bringing nature indoors, supporting visual merchandising themes, or defining the atmosphere of a place, architectural glass is a surfacing material that’s frequently used to achieve this.

The Challenge

Finding imagery of an appropriate size and resolution for use in large-scale glass applications can be a frustrating pursuit. Personal photos and stock images are often too small. Custom artwork can be expensive to produce. Project budgets and timelines can present obstacles of their own.

The Opportunity

As a manufacturer of architectural glass, we found ourselves asking: What if we could give our customers the freedom to use any image, regardless of size or resolution, in our laminated glass? And what if we could give them a way to use these images to personalize glass applications of any scale?

The Result: The VEKTR Digital Canvas & ViviSpectra VEKTR Glass

The new VEKTR Digital Canvas (VDC) interactive design tool gives you the ability to create highly customized architectural glass designs of any scale using any image—without worrying about image size or resolution.

Technically speaking, the VDC transforms raster images into infinitely scalable, customizable artwork—referenced in the VDC as a ‘canvas’. Each canvas generates a unique vector file that is output as the interlayers in our ViviSpectra VEKTR laminated glass.

Because VEKTR eliminates the size/resolution constraints of raster images, you can use images from any source to personalize VEKTR canvases: Capture the shots you want with your smart phone or tablet. Select images from your own image library. Use client artwork. Scan print literature or material swatches. Choose low-res stock images. The choice is yours. You don’t need professional photography. VEKTR gives you the freedom to maximize casual photos with local or project-specific importance.

Intuitive, Comprehensive, and Fun!

Within the VDC, canvas patterns, colors and dimensions are fully customizable. Getting started is easy, thanks to the intuitive interface: simply drag your source image into the VDC workspace. From there, registered users can experiment with filters and abstraction levels, visualize canvases in 2D and 3D, download and save their work, create projects, and request budget pricing. The VEKTR Digital Canvas lets you move from start to finish without leaving the app—and have fun in the process.

ViviSpectra VEKTR Glass

VDC canvases are output as two interlayers in our ViviSpectra VEKTR glass, a layering that imparts a sense of depth and dimension to the overall design. VEKTR glass is available in single-sided, double-sided and backlit configurations. Various finishes and translucency levels help you refine the end results.

Unprecedented Creative Freedom

Together, the VEKTR Digital Canvas and ViviSpectra VEKTR glass give you the tools to transform images of any size into architectural glass designs of any scale. Add our Systems to the mix—LightPlane Panels and LEVELe Walls, Columns and Elevator Interiors—and you have more ways than ever to bring nature into a space, incorporate local views, support a brand’s look and feel, align with project colors and design schemes, and carry a unified look across a property.

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