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AIA Report Finds Increase in Average Architecture Salary

The latest compensation survey revealed that the average architecture staff salary... More

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How to Align Your Firm with Client Needs

As firms restructure and plan for the future, the needs and wants of the owner,... More

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Here Are Five Key Metrics from the 2014 AIA Firm Survey Report, With Interactive Charts

The 2014 AIA Firm Survey Report shows how architecture firms have (and haven't) responded to the Great Recession. More

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2013 AIA Compensation Report

As the recovery limps along, the AIA Compensation Report has good news for senior designers—and those with architecture degrees. More

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2012 Firm Survey From the American Institute of Architects

Data from the decline revealed: AIA chief economist Kermit Baker discusses the difficult past few years as documented in the Institute's 2012 Business of Architecture Report. More

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2011 AIA Compensation Report

This year's AIA Compensation Report shows that new downturn or not, architects haven’t stopped feeling the pinch. More

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2010 ARCHITECT Salary Survey

We asked 1,000 architects what they're making. The answer: less than last year, on average. More

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2009 ARCHITECT Salary Survey

How much do your peers in the architectural profession make, and how does it compare to what you make? More

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2008 DesignIntelligence Salary Survey

A series of charts tracks salary and benefits by position and experience level. More

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