2015 R+D Awards

ARCHITECT R+D Awards 2015

The 2015 R+D Awards

The jury recognized nine risk-taking projects, products, and technologies in this year's competition.

Ball-Nogues Studio Pulp Pavilion

First Award: Pulp Pavilion

Ball-Nogues Studio put years of exploration on the line by debuting its experimental construction material and method at one of the world's largest music festivals.

Partisans Bar Raval

Award: Bar Raval

Through custom toolpaths and real-time trouble-shooting, Partisans realizes a Toronto bar that looks better in real life than on the screen.

Synthesis Design + Architecture Pure Tension Pavilion

Award: Pure Tension Pavilion

Synthesis Design + Architecture combines digital modeling and hand stitching to create a multifunctional pavilion for a multi-fuel car.

Eric Owen Moss Architects Bands

Citation: Bands

Eric Owen Moss Architects eschews the Cartesian coordinate system to design an exoskeleton that speaks to the building's use.

Both Landscape and Architecture Breathe Brick

Citation: Breathe Brick

With its patent-pending product, Both Landscape and Architecture believes buildings can inherently improve indoor air quality worldwide.

Rust Belt Robotics Group Co-Robotics and Construction: OSCR 1-4 Prototypes

Citation: Co-Robotics and Construction: OSCR 1-4 Prototypes

The Rust Belt Robotics Group at the University at Buffalo, SUNY, is developing humanoid robots to assist—but not replace—construction crews.

Teeple Architects Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum

Citation: Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum

Teeple Architects created custom laminated plywood nodes to support their angular timber structure and design.

Citation: Queen Richmond Centre West

Citation: Queen Richmond Centre West

Toronto-based Sweeny &Co Architects designed custom mega delta frames to elevate an 11-story office building 80 feet above the city’s historic downtown.

McClain Clutter Radical Railbanking

Citation: Radical Railbanking

McLain Clutter, director of the design and research practice Master of None, purposefully misuses geographic information systems to manipulate geodemographic data and coalesce disparate communities in Detroit.

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