• A photo montage showing Pterodactyl (center), with Umbrella at right, with greenery replacing parking on grade.

    Credit: Courtesy Eric Owen Moss Architects

A Pterodactyl is poised to land in Culver City, Calif., thanks to Eric Owen Moss, FAIA, and his fruitful relationship with developers Frederick and Laurie Samitaur-Smith. Joining the long list of improbably named projects already built in the Hayden Tract district—once an industrial warehouse zone, now an experimental realm Moss has dubbed Conjunctive Points—are Pterodactyl and Waffle. Each of these projects has a rather long history: as Moss puts it, “[Pterodactyl] has been in various stages of debate for 10 years … maybe a little less.”

For more details and images of Pterodactyl, visit ARCHITECT's Project Gallery.

Eric Owen Moss’s other ongoing project in the Hayden Tract, Waffle, is set to begin construction before the end of the year. Sited at Foundation Content—a Chicago-based media, production, and graphic design company—Waffle will provide flexible spaces to be used for meeting rooms, a gallery, or possibly a café. The new 55-foot, three-story structure responds to the airy Cactus Tower, another Eric Owen Moss project on the same site, which transformed the remnants of an old industrial press into an outdoor gathering area.

For more details and images of Waffle, visit ARCHITECT's Project Gallery.

Youtube has a channel dedicated to—though not run by—Eric Owen Moss Architects, where the following video explaining the components of Pterodactyl, and a few others, can be found: