Madeleine Brand interviews Christopher Hawthorne for KCET.
Courtesy KCET Madeleine Brand interviews Christopher Hawthorne for KCET.

Bringing his critical voice from the page to the screen, Christopher Hawthorne appeared in a recent interview on news station KCET to talk about some of the issues facing his hometown, Los Angeles. The architecture critic for the L.A. Times, a regular voice in the discourse of architecture, and a regular contributor to ARCHITECT, spoke with local news anchor Madeleine Brand about iconic eyesores, also the subject of his column from March 2. These “broken works in progress,” as Hawthorne referred to them in the article, include the complications of connecting Los Angeles’ exisiting airport infrastructure to its Metro system, with failed efforts over the last several decades derailing the process. In the interview with KCET, he also bemoaned the architectural state of LAX itself, which is undergoing an overhaul masterplanned by Fentress Architects, with pieces of the facelift designed by AECOM. “The airport is really the first face that any big city shows to the world,” Hawthorne said. “LAX has never felt like a coherent piece of architecture.” The real problem, he continued, lies with Los Angeles leadership’s ability to install a link from the airport to any rail lines: “Cities around the country and around the world have figured out how to overcome that complexity,” Hawthorne said. “Even Dallas, which is certainly a city that’s thought of as being organized as much around the car as Los Angeles, will have a direct rail link to DFW by the end of next year.”

Watch the full interview below:

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