Alexander Lervik

Bikupta Wristwatch, Alexander Lervik
This analog watch by the Stockholm–based design studio keeps time with a Japanese quartz that vibrates through an electric charge. The metal clock face is accentuated by hexagon cutouts that give it a beehive-patterned facade. Available in bronze, stainless steel, and black plating for the watch's face, its leather band also comes in a variety of colors.

Courtesy Moo

Monogram, MOO
Online print and design company MOO has created a smartphone app, Monogram, that digitizes the traditional business card as well as provides a mobile platform for portfolios. Users can personalize their work with images, colors, text, and links, and generate a URL for sharing. An internet connection is not required to pull up saved cards or portfolios.

Courtesy Pantone

Pantone Studio, Pantone
This new smartphone app provides users with Pantone Institute–approved color trend reports, articles, and research. It includes an eyedropper tool to identify colors in a user's environment through the phone's camera. Once the user has identified colors, they can apply them onto 3D papers and fabrics.


ScalePen, Morpholio
New York–based studio Morpholio Apps launched ScalePen, a tool that enables users to draw with different line weights, or stroke thicknesses, in its Trace app. The smart pen is capable of adjusting itself, and presenting its user with the appropriate options according to their view settings. ScalePen can be used on eight pen types, including pencil, charcoal, and brush.

Courtesy Moleskine

Smart Writing Set, Moleskine
Comprised of the Moleskine pen, paper tablet, and Moleskine Notes app, this set digitizes notes you take in real time, making it possible to save and share work through email or social media. The aluminum pen houses a hidden camera that traces and tracks your work on paper, while the tablet displays it on its screen using embedded NCode technology by NeoLAB Convergence. The smartphone app organizes each of these notes, letting users share, edit, and export them.