Next Progressives


T38 Studio: Beyond the Boundary

With his firm, Alfonso Medina is helping to change the face of housing in Tijuana, Mexico, with his practice that melds real estate, construction, and architecture.


MAde Studio is Liquid Planning Detroit

MAde Studio is applying its data-driven approach to Detroit, revealing ways that the region’s water systems can influence urban planning.

alvin huang in front of the groove at centralworld, a 129,167-square-foot entertainment and retail venue his firm completed late last year in bangkok.

Synthesis DNA: The DNA of Digital Craft

Alvin Huang's multilayered, computer-generated designs are merging applied research from his academic studio with the real-world problem-solving of his Los Angeles firm.


Next Progressives: Going Top Down

Urban-Think Tank, best known for its vertical gyms in the Caracas barrios, has a new strategy for building in Third World slums.


Ants of the Prairie: Into the Wild

Joyce Hwang’s practice, Ants of the Prairie, is generating buzz with innovative projects that create urban habitats for bees, bats, and other threatened species.


Sea Change: Brooklyn's Dlandstudio

Susannah Drake of Dlandstudio is reviving contaminated landscapes with her politically savvy practice.

brent grubb (left) and jeff kovel at skylabs columbia boulevard wastewater treatment plants engineering building.

Star Turn: Skylab Architecture

Hollywood came calling, but Skylab Architecture didn’t sell out. The firm is building its practice by bringing the same rigorous ideals to every project.

a kpf rendering of the hudson yards project.

A Tall Order

Why aren’t more women emulating Jeanne Gang and building skyward? Here are three rising architects who may just crack that ceiling.


Marianne Kwok

Director, Kohn Pederson Fox Associates, New York


Carrie Strickland

Partner & Co-Founder, Works Partnership Architecture, Portland, Ore.


Jackilin Hah Bloom and Florencia Pita

Partners, Pita & Bloom, Los Angeles


MIT's Skylar Tibbits Explores the Next Dimension

A fish tank with self-organizing structures. 4D printing. The projects in Skylar Tibbits’s MIT lab are pushing the boundaries of construction.


The Politics of Spanish Architect Andrés Jaque

The Spanish architect Andrés Jaque is shaping a novel approach to practice, based on lessons from the economic bust.


Next Progressives: Catie Newell

Rome prize winner Catie Newell has embraced the theme of darkness, creating installations inspired by Detroit’s urban landscape.


Next Progressives: Interface Studio Architects

Interface Studio Architects in Philadelphia is building on the legacy of its 100K House with new projects that are transforming urban-house design.