The United States economy added a meager 126,000 nonfarm jobs in March, according to the latest monthly jobs report released today by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Today's figure is 63,000 less jobs than payroll company ADP and Moody's Analytics reported on Wednesday. The number of jobs added in March was also less than half of what was added in February (revised down to 264,000 jobs added).

Construction and manufacturing each lost 1,000 jobs last month. While these numbers are preliminary and are subject to revision, if the numbers remain as reported today, March 2015 would be the worst month for construction since Dec. 2013 and the worst for manufacturing since July 2013. Conversely, architectural and engineering services added 4,200 jobs, which is the sector's strongest growth since December 2014.

While the construction industry overall lost jobs, some of the construction sectors posted job gains in March. Jobs in construction of buildings increased by 4,300, and 3,700 of those jobs were in residential construction. Heavy and civil engineering lost 3,900 jobs and specialty trade contractors lost 2,100 jobs, which are the worst losses for both industries since Dec. 2013.

Charts: Maggie Goldstone; Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics