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Shree Cement

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Winner of a citation in the 2017 P/A Awards

“In India, you will find many of these cisterns, but often only with the stairs and the water. This project takes that unique typology, and gives it energy and activation with different uses.”
—juror Enrique Norten, Hon. FAIA

Drawing inspiration from the famous stepped wells that for centuries have provided water for India’s hot, parched Rajasthan state, the Reservoir office development is built around a naturally recessed pool, with office space arranged in a terraced formation on its northeast- and northwest-facing sides. Part of a 95-acre planned-community development, the Reservoir is located between a residential and commercial area. The designer, Mumbai-based Sanjay Puri Architects, didn’t start from scratch, but rather worked with a pre-existing indentation in the landscape—indeed, the squared-off pool naturally fills with water for most of the year. Terraced offices that step down in line with the natural contours of the site surround the pool; the back side of the offices are nestled into earthen berms that form the perimeter of the complex. The berms support photovoltaic panels and hide parking facilities; breaks in the berms form entrances. The south side of the complex, which is accessible from a busy main road, is programmed as open patios and platforms that serve as community space. The six levels of office space have relatively shallow floor plates—about 18 to 25 feet deep—and floor-to-ceiling windows minimize the need for artificial light during the day. The terraced design allows each office to have an open-air social space with trees and bushes fronting the reservoir. The pool, which expands an existing catchment area, lowers the temperature of the immediate microclimate—important in a region where temperatures exceed 100 F for eight months of the year—and the runoff collected there contributes to the water supply for the entire surrounding development.

Project Credits
Project: Reservoir, Rajasthan, India
Client: Shree Cement
Architect: Sanjay Puri Architects, Mumbai . Sanjay Puri (principal architect); Ruchika Gupta (associate architect); Nandita Rebello (architect)
Structural Consultant: Dr. Kelkar Designs
M/E/P: Epsilon Design Consultancy
Size: 100,000 square feet
Cost: Withheld

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