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The Magoda Project

Ingvartsen Architects

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Project Name

The Magoda Project

Project Status


Year Completed



Magoda Village


  • Jakob Knudsen
  • Lorenz von Seidlein
  • William N. Kisinza
  • Konstantin Ikonomidis
  • Emi Bryan
  • Salum Mshamu
  • Kiondo Mgumi

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Project Description


The Magoda Project is a series of eight prototype houses located in Tanzania. Designed in collaboration with the local community, the prototypes are prime examples of innovative architecture to enhance health and well-being in sub-Saharan Africa - a region highly prone to infectious diseases, acquired in and around the home.

It is a necessity in this resource-poor region to minimise contact between disease vectors and people, especially during hot and humid seasons. Typical low-cost African houses tend to have mud or brick walls with few (if any) windows. Floors are rarely raised, airflow is minimal and cooking is often done indoors. When used properly, bednets are highly protective against Malaria. However, airflow is reduced by bednets, contributing to the discomfort of sleeping in poorly ventilated houses.

The aim of the The Magoda Project is to construct innovatively-designed houses to be occupied by local residents in Magoda. These prototypes will integrate Asian architectural features (to optimise airflow) with traditional African building methods
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