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Designing the Healthiest Possible Buildings

A newly updated book on designing for health gives practitioners the tools they need. More

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The Rule of Three: Female Leadership at AIA in 2023

This year, for the first time in history, AIA has three female leaders at its helm. More

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Beyond Shelter

A new urban typology in Los Angeles may hold answers for the city’s homelessness... More

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The Tension Between Garden and Machine

Disused infrastructure, once invisible in its banality, is often made remarkable... More

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Designing at Hyperscale

The architects behind today's data centers are fashioning innovative additions to... More

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A Garden of Homes Grows in Reno

Innovative urban infill projects are increasing housing density in Nevada’s... More

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Chicago's Native Housing Problem

A new development seeks to address the issue of Native American housing equity in... More

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The Burnout Problem in Architecture

For many architects, the pandemic was a tipping point for problems that had long... More

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The Matrix Feminist Design Co-operative Was Ahead of Its Time

The reissue of a 1984 text on women in architecture is starting a new conversation. More

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The Big Impact of Small Spaces

2021 AIA Film Challenge winners showcase the communal power of design. More

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