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Restrooms of the Future

Cross-disciplinary project Stalled!, the winner of a 2018 AIA Innovation Award,... More

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Where Sustainability Meets Prosperity

The fastest-growing city in America is fueled by sustainable investments. More

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Making the Invisible Visible

How can architects and planners elevate the perception of infrastructure as an art... More

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Improve Your Firm, Hire for Culture Fit

Prioritizing culture fit over technological savvy in the hiring process can yield... More

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What Does Race Have to Do with Architectural Education?

Sharon Sutton on why Columbia University’s story should matter to students—and... More

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Reimagining Learning Spaces

How a new AIA Contract Document can help architects become strategic partners in... More

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How AIA’s Revised Contract Documents Affect Architects

Understanding how the 2017 updates to the AIA Contract Documents might affect you. More

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Common Bonds

Contractual considerations for American architects working abroad. More

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What Is a Talent Pipeline?

Firm growth is about more than the next big job. It’s about attracting the next... More


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