Robert Simpson

The Team
AV Integrator: Electrosonic
Architect/Museum Designer:
 Ralph Appelbaum Associates

When it comes to NASCAR, big is better: big race tracks, big crowds, big personalities. When it came to opening the stock-car racing association’s hall of fame in Charlotte, N.C., the audiovisual systems had to be just as big. In the Hall of Honor, where NASCAR Hall of Fame inductees are enshrined, projection screens come together in a massive 150-foot oval above the floor showing video and imagery from an army of 16 blended Panasonic projectors. AV integrator and Spotlight Award winner Electrosonic had the task of configuring the 16 projectors using a Dataton Watchout production systems. Because the screens were set up in an oval, and not a perfect circle, each projector had to be programmed with its own unique geometry in order to produce a seamless, blended image.

In the NASCAR Hall of Fame’s Great Hall, a large open area of historic cars and interactive exhibits, Electrosonic built a 14-by-18-foot video billboard. The hall needed a bright, high-resolution display that could compete with the ambient light in the massive room. Electrosonic went with 252 Christie Digital Systems MicroTiles, modular, LED-lit display screens that can be assembled into walls of various shapes and sizes. To complement the video component, Electrosonic hung a line array of JBL Professional VRX series speakers, driven by QSC Audio amplifiers. The line array made sense in the Great Hall because of all the glass and concrete that went into its construction. With all the hard surfaces, the line array helps control the sound.