Every so often, an elegant solution to a niggling problem comes along that makes a practitioner such as juror Jinhee Park say, “I need it right now.” Such is the case with the Integrated Reveal Base, a cleverly devised system that allows the popular revealed-edge base detail to rely on the precision of a continuous, stainless steel channel. A sheet of gypsum wallboard slips into a J-bead that is factory-spot-welded to the channel below. A coat of plaster finishes the surface and hides the hardware, allowing for precise details with minimal handiwork, and a reduced potential for sagging gypsum or uneven reveals. “It’s so simple, but I’m so glad that someone addressed that [problem] and solved it,” said juror Gordon Gill. “I can’t tell you how often this has become an annoyance. It’s not rocket science. But it is very valuable.”

Project Credits

Project Integrated Reveal Base
Client Marc and Giulia Weisman
Primary Developer Bogue Trondowski Architects, New York—Bogue Trondowski (principal); Yongjoo Shin, Wojciech Zaborniak, Robert Muszynski (development team)
Fabrication and Construction DiSalvo Contracting Co.