Carbon Positive

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Core Materials: Better Concrete, Better Steel

Buildings and urban infrastructure will continue to rely on the use of concrete... More

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Spotlight on the Global South: Design Tools for Emerging Markets

Over the next 30 years, the majority of the world's building construction will... More

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Next Gen Biomaterials: Innovation and Promise

A CarbonPositive future inspires building materials that aren't just... More

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Transforming Construction Specification and Procurement

EC3 allows AEC professionals to efficiently specify and procure low embodied... More

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2030 Is The New 2050: How to Speed Delivery on Global Promises Now

The next 10 years are critical to the global climate movement. How far behind are... More

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Existing Buildings: The Key to Zero Carbon

Preservation and adaptive re-use are powerful strategies for avoiding embodied... More

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Forest AND the Trees: Getting Mass Timber Right

Wood has the ability to offer a compelling, carbon-sequestering alternative to... More

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