The Los Angeles chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA|LA) is now accepting proposals for the "Mobile Center for Architecture and Design" student competition. Students from architecture and design programs in California are invited to submit concepts that have been overseen by a faculty member. The students are required to create a flexible, multi-functional space that includes an office, an exhibition space, a classroom, and a gathering space. "While not required, AIA|LA encourages the schools to develop a dedicated studio or charrette for the competition," said the chapter in the competition brief.

"In recognition of Los Angeles’ challenging geography, lack of a 'traditional' city center and possession of many 'centers', AIA|LA has decided to investigate a mobile center that will travel to the many cities and neighborhoods that comprise our city 'sprawl' as an architectural outreach to LA’s communities," according to a press release.

Registration will close on Feb. 23 and the winning projects will be announced in May. Qualified submissions will be exhibited at the 2018 2x8 Exhibition in Los Angeles.