Scott Frances/Otto

In it's annual AL Light & Architecture Design Awards, our sister lighting publication awarded the new Barneys New York Downtown Flaghip store in New York City a Commendable Achievement in Interior Lighting. Designed by Steven Harris Architects and Lalire March Architects, with lighting design by Cooley Monato Studio, the retail location was finished in February 2016. One of the interior's most celebrated features is its winding, central stair, about which, writes associate editor Katharine Keane: "With the goal of celebrating—not upstaging—the architectural feature that is the spiral stair, the team embedded flexible LED tape into handrail coves to act as a visual wayfinding cue and decorative 'ribbon of light.' Accent lighting within the stair treads 'softly enhance contours' of the structure. Illuminated ceiling coves nicknamed 'amoebas' provide ambient lighting while lit accessory shelves highlight products on display. Thin, stem-mounted adjustable accent luminaires showcase fine jewelry, while trackheads illuminate surrounding perimeter wall niches." Read the full story at Architectural Lighting.