A new site called Arriba México is fundraising to rebuild destroyed houses in Mexico City as a result of last month's earthquake. Modeled off of the online marketplace and renting service Airbnb—which enables travelers to rent another user's bedroom, apartment, or house—the site allows donors to "rent" affected residences. Though guests don't actually visit the sites, they can engage with building profiles as they would on Airbnb.com.

In fact, Arriba México both acts and looks like the original in many ways. Users can choose an account and select a range of days you wish to "stay" there. Prices of each night range from about $15 to $250. But the site is up front in that it crosses out any amenities that might make the space more desirable and portrays the destruction of each site in pictures.

Proceeds will be given to CADENA, a local nonprofit dedicated to disaster relief and prevention caused by natural disasters. To date, the site has accumulated more than $662,000, which you can see at the bottom of the homepage.