This week, we have projects to share with you from South Africa, India, and across the United States, as well as some still on the boards. As always, in addition to the projects we choose to give more detailed coverage to, we like to showcase some from the architecture firms who share their projects with us, and to you, directly—each and every day. The Project Gallery is a user-generated portion of our site where firms upload their latest projects. So far, we have more than 14,000 projects, making it a wealth of great design information.

In this space, each week, we'll try to give thanks to the firms who share their work with us, by sharing a handful of the coolest new projects to join the gallery with you.

Expo Pavilion concept, by 10 Design
“The pavilion is organised to allow visitors to connect with the people and the chronology of the country by discovering its rich history and culture, experiencing its hospitality and landscape, and contributing toward its future.”

James D. Eason Transplant Institute at Methodist University Hospital, in Memphis, Tenn., by Archimania
For “the world’s leading institute in steroid-free liver transplantation ... the team worked to create a more humanized and progressive patient care experience that maximizes the use of actual and perceived natural daylight to expedite healing while decreasing perceived wait times.”

Bridge-Shaped Skyscraper, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, by Marchisciana Saverio Adriano (ArchMSA)
In order to prevent the world's megacities from expanding their urban cores back into rural areas and, in so doing, preventing more deforestation, Marchisciana Saverio Adriano envisions these futuristic snake-like structures that can go over intact forests and across unused waterways and “contain modular housing units, shops, services and public parks, and thanks to that the residents can live for several days inside these autonomous buildings with no need to go outside.”

Elena Scalise

Tree Pittsburgh Headquarters, in Pittsburgh, by GBBN Architects
“Sited on a former steel mill above the Allegheny River [for Tree Pittsburgh], the simple, open building is comprised of nine double-height modules, prefabricated in nearby Clarion, Pa., ... [the] once-blighted industrial site is now filled with thousands of trees that improve air quality and a building that educates visitors about sustainable strategies in their homes.”

Aldo Gracia
Ajoblanco - DIN interiorismo Aldo Gracia

Ajoblanco, in Mexico City, by DIN Interiorismo
“The Mediterranean Sea that bathes the Spanish shores was the concept defined for the color palette and the elements used to shape the design for this project.”

Urban Noire, in New Delhi, India, by Amit Khanna Design Associates
“The house had to accommodate multiple generations of a growing family that wanted a unified living experience, but needed their individual spaces to reflect their own unique characteristics. ... This dark tone gives the house its name, appropriated from the french word for black.”

Mooikloof Heights, in Pretoria, South Africa, by Nico van der Meulen Architects
This enormous house, 85 meters from end to end, “is clad with natural stone and rusted steel panels framing openings in the façade ... [and] was designed in such a way that the feeling of indoor-outdoor living was prominent from almost every space in the house, lending itself to spectacular views.”

Cameron Campbell Integrated Studio

The Tuesday Agency, in Iowa City, Iowa, by Neumann Monson Architects
“The room sets a professional yet playful tone that is carried forward. A copper clad portal opens into a bright, multi-functional ‘living room’ where the agency co-works, entertains, and records their video interview series.”

Mennello Museum of American Art, in Orlando, Fla., Brooks + Scarpa
This 48,700-square-foot addition to the central Florida art museum got a citation award provides in our 67th annual Progressive Architecture Awards adds “galleries, lobby, administration, conference, education, and back-of-house facilities.” Learn about all of the 2020 P/A Awards winners here.

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