Curbed's Jenny Xie shares a 340-square-foot, off-the-grid tiny house on wheels that is available for purchase from Canadian green living blog Greenmoxie.

The house was originally intended as a one-off project for readers to book on Airbnb. After a surge in popularity, the company decided to transition it into a sustainably-constructed, commercialized model that emphasizes its building envelope, air quality, water conservation, and renewable energy.

Designed by Greenmoxie co-founder David Shephard and green building consultant Ian Fotheringham, the Greenmoxie tiny house uses a slew of reclaimed materials for everything from the barn wood ceiling and bathroom barn door to windows and light fixtures. The tiny house’s eco-friendly cred can be found in the 1 kW solar PV system with 11 kW storage capacity, a roof water recovery system, and low-voltage LED lighting as well.

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