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Modular Architecture Is Back. Is It Better?

Discover the three factors that are driving renewed interest and invention in... More

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Dallas Holocaust Museum’s Copper Facade Represents Perseverance

Amid a backdrop of increasing anti-Semitism, architect Omniplan strived to create... More

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Here's How Prefab Needs To Be Fixed Before It Can Save Housing

Innovative leaders in modular and prefabrication share thoughts on critical... More

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This Project is the Way to House Everyone Tomorrow

Lisa Gray shares her insight and experience creating the Ecological Living Module,... More

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Modular Isn't New, But Its Benefits Are

Chris Krager talks about his journey into modular construction and how he’s using... More

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Citation: Nest Tool Kit, a Modular Take on Affordable Housing

To tackle the homeless epidemic in Los Angeles, Brooks + Scarpa and Plant Prefab... More

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Overseas Off-Site Innovation Breaks Through in the U.S.

Technology, robots and software that have been used for decades across the globe... More

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