New York firm WORKac launched a Kickstarter earlier this month to fund the third edition of 49 Cities, a book about city planning projects. In a video to promote the project, WORKac principal Dan Wood, AIA, says he "was inspired to write a few lines." Here are the lyrics to his rap, "The Roman City is the Sh*t."

The Roman City is the shit...It's like every other city comes right out of it
Latin American cities, for example. They got the grid, it's square - it's like a Roman City sample!
Vauban's got the grid going on Neuf Brisach - it's a star-shaped bomb. Is it offensive? No: defensive...Good neighbors, good fences
Savannah - crazy little town. Streets and squares and on and on...
Now we come to Le Dude, Ledoux
Capitalism/urbanism, no schism. Based on a prison, but with vision.
The salt works mission is a radical fission with the past, and we're all still listenin'
The phalanstere was radical as well. The first real commune in a huge shell
Free love plus labor, sounds like heresy. Of course they built the first one right out in New Jersey
Jeffersonville was a sketch, no stretch for
A founding father on the cutting edge
Haussmann in the house with a big re-do
Infrastructure, views, making Paris new
Marienburg however, caused a big stew
Reactionary donkey paths said Corbu
Oh the people! Where will they go?
Howard's famous question: But how did he know?
That everyone wants a lawn and pretty

But I been to the suburbs and it ain't no Garden City

Watch the full video (rap starts at about 0:55).