Once a frequently overlooked part of a building, commercial restrooms are evolving into an area that sets the tone for modern specification. As this shift in perception continues, innovations from commercial restroom manufacturers are expanding along with this demand. Specifically, manufacturers are acting as a single-source solution for architects and designers during the specification phase to help them create a unified restroom environment that leaves a positive, lasting impression.

“With so many considerations throughout the design-build process, it’s essential for commercial restroom manufacturers to act as a single-source partner through every step of the specification and design phase,” says Morgan Butts, Sloan product line manager for sinks, soap dispensers, hand dryers, showerheads, and programmed water technologies. “Not only is this single-source trend making the job easier for architects and designers, but also it leads to a cohesive product aesthetic across the entire restroom.”

A Unified User Experience
As one of the most visited spaces in any building, the commercial restroom plays a crucial role in the perception of the entire facility. Single-source manufacturers are assisting the architecture & design community in elevating the user experience throughout the restroom.

Commercial restroom manufacturers are developing unified product collections with fixtures that work together from faucets, soap dispensers, flushometers, hand dryers, and more to create one cohesive experience. These products are similarly patterned to deliver unified design and often are available in special finish options to create a matching color palette that brings a level of high design to the restroom.

For architects and designers, the ability to specify products that are similar in both look and feel—from one primary source—can take commercial restroom projects to the next level.

“The days of needing to specify one product from mmost visited spacesmost visited spacesanufacturer A and another from manufacturer B are over,” Butts says. “The ability to collaborate with a single-source partner is raising the bar on commercial restroom design to the point where each restroom product contributes toward one cohesive aesthetic.”

One-Stop Specifications
The specification process can be daunting. For every project, specifiers are faced with thousands of product options. These days, with products under increased scrutiny to meet proper compliance codes and certifications, it doesn’t take much for a project to fall behind schedule.

That’s why commercial restroom manufacturers are now helping to save architects and designers time and money by delivering all the required resources in one place. Resources such as technical downloads, MasterSpec documents, warranty sheets, pricing information, and more are aimed at providing helpful information when evaluating products to streamline the specification process.

As a single-source solution, Sloan’s comprehensive range of resources—such as the company’s online product filtering tools, transparency reports, BIM files, dealer locator tools, and more—are equipping architects and designers with all the necessary information to make a quick, educated decision on the right commercial restroom product.

In addition to unifying and simplifying the specification process, Sloan’s similarly patterned products with PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) special finish options, which range from graphite and brushed nickel to polished brass, are preserving the design legacy long after installation. The PVD process enhances a product’s resistance to chemicals and abrasion by bonding at the molecular level to deliver a long-lasting finish, even on curved and angled products that are traditionally difficult to coat. The culmination of these aesthetically-driven trends is putting design harmony at the forefront of building projects.