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Visionary Architect and Advocate Marsha Maytum Passes Away, at the Age of 69.

Kira Gould, a close friend, offers a tribute to this champion of sustainable... More

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Innovating the Future: Cairo's Young Entrepreneurs Pioneer a Sustainable Material Revolution

From Nile plastics to food waste, the Material Lab 25 program is empowering a new... More

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10 Transformative Principles for a Sustainable World

The founder of Architecture 2030 on navigating the climate crisis with strategic... More

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Ambiente 2024: Discovering the Best in Consumer Product Excellence

Frankfurt’s premier trade fair returns with a focus on sustainability, innovation... More

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The Hottest Year on Record Spurs Innovation in Climate-Adaptive Building Materials

These groundbreaking technologies emerge as key to combatting extreme temperatures... More

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COP28 and the Built Environment Community

The takeaways, surprises, and ideas about what architects can do. More

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Reduce a building’s environmental impact with these innovative weatherization strategies

Strategically using energy models to inform smart energy upgrades helps develop a... More

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Achieve Energy Efficiency Goals with Innovative Lighting Controls

Chasing down net zero for clients often involves an all-hands-on-deck approach... More

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Reach Sustainability Goals with High-Efficiency Heat Pumps and HVAC Equipment

By decreasing a building’s dependence on fossil fuels, heat pumps can be a key... More

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