This story was originally published in Multifamily Executive.

Once the site of extremely dilapidated public housing, the Hunters View redevelopment project aims to restore the San Francisco neighborhood with new infrastructure, scenic views, and modern, affordable family homes, all without displacing current residents.

For the second of the project’s three phases, David Baker Architects and Paulett Taggart Architects have created 179 affordable family homes and apartments across two land parcels. Block 10, located at the crest of the community’s central hill, is equipped to serve as the social hub of Hunters View. A community center and day-care facility are located on-site, as well as a fitness room, wellness center, recording studio, and micro-retail space. The administrative offices and resident service centers are located on The Oculus, a belowground courtyard anchored by a large open skylight.

The building’s 72 apartments are split into two wings to reduce the sense of scale. Wing A incorporates a serrated façade that follows the street curve and directs interior views toward the city skyline and the site of a future park. A central public plaza divides the two wings. A metal-mesh staircase preserves the plaza’s open-air feel while providing security to residents.

Blocks 7 and 11 extend across two steeply sloped city blocks combined into one to distribute density. Two five-story apartment buildings are located on the most-level portion, while rowhouses with residential stoops are staggered down the sides of the residential streets, forming 107 new units in all.

An extensive relocation effort, spearheaded by developer John Stewart Co. and the local tenants association, allowed the community’s residents to avoid displacement during construction. More than 60% have moved back in, far above the 15% rate of return typical nationwide. City officials say the area’s crime rates are lower now than they were before the start of the project and that school attendance rates have risen by more than 30%.

This story was originally published in Multifamily Executive.