This week, the National Association of Home Builders looked at the installation of Energy Star Certified appliances in new versus existing homes. Using US Census American Housing Survey data from 2011, NAHB compared a range of eight different Energy Star appliances for new owner-occupied homes (built within the last the four years) and existing owner-occupied homes.

A striking 70 percent of new homes had Energy Star refrigerators in 2011 compared to 42 percent of existing homes. Of the eight types of appliances noted, only room air conditioners had a significantly higher market share in existing homes, likely because new homes often have central air conditioning. In addition to refrigerators, more than half of new homes also had Energy Star washing machines, dishwashers and central air conditioning. While making up less than half the market share of new homes, Energy Star trash compactors and heating equipment also appeared more frequent than in existing homes.

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