At its core, sustainability is meant to make products last. Sustainable materials also require less maintenance. Even more importantly, sustainability is about environmental awareness.

In order to implement sustainability, a door manufacturer may adapt both its manufacturing techniques and the materials it’s using to build products. VT Industries, a door manufacturing company based in Holstein, Iowa, builds doors in its state-of-the-art, highly automated facilities using low-emitting, sustainable materials. Their process ensures that the doors last the life of a building.

Along with implementing environmentally friendly manufacturing methods, companies strive to keep their employees educated about the latest trends in sustainability. VT continuously adapts its process by involving all employees and encouraging them to find ways to make the company more sustainable and efficient. Applying sustainability is a practice that the entire company must commit to in order to continue growing and achieving successful results.

Many companies also offer sustainable doors that assist with meeting Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) project certification. The LEED program, developed by the U.S. Green Build Council, is the benchmark for green building programs. The U.S. Green Build Council represents all segments of the building industry, and it works to contribute to the evolution of the LEED program. Wood doors from VT assist in achieving multiple LEED credits, ensuring that every project is sustainable.

Companies can also work toward sustainability with GREENGUARD certification. Certification in this category guarantees that products are low emitting, contribute to healthy indoor air and build occupant wellness. GREENGUARD certification standards are the referenced measure of product emissions in many green building initiatives. VT doors have received certification in this category, along with GREENGUARD GOLD certification. VT was the first company to receive certification in both of these categories for its doors.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) also promotes sustainability in the building product industry. FSC promotes responsible forest management tactics. Doors with this certification are often built in part with sustainable materials like agrifiber. Agrifiber is a rapidly renewable wheat based product that lowers the need to harvest virgin wood materials while helping protect the world’s forests. VT doors are FSC certified, and the company constantly works to promote responsible forest management with its products.

According to the LEED New Construction rating system, Environmental Product Declaration, recycled content, regional materials, rapidly renewable resources, certified wood, and low-emission properties are all relevant to sustainability in architectural wood doors. VT can assist in meeting these specs with a variety of beautiful, environmentally conscious doors. So, as you’re considering which doors to spec, keep sustainability in mind.

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