According to a recent report by the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, remodeling activity is expected to reach $324 billion for the 12 months up to second quarter of next year. And for both residential remodels and new builds, the bathroom is the perfect place to begin renovating.

In home renovations, the bathroom is a great space to experiment with a new look. Since it’s a smaller area than the kitchen or living room, there’s more room in the budget to make changes. And, when it’s the first thing to experience a refresh, customers get a taste of something new. If the homeowner loves the renovation, he or she may want to extend the style throughout their entire home.

The same is true for new builds. By starting with the bathroom, architects, contractors and designers can experiment with new looks and decide what elements to extend throughout the entire home.

When it comes to bathrooms, most customers want three things: a relaxing atmosphere, functionality, and personal touches.

Sit Back and Relax

Many customers see their bathrooms as relaxing escapes: a place to draw a hot bath, light some candles, and get away from the chaos. It should be a comfortable, happy place that homeowners can visit without leaving their homes.

A stunning claw-foot tub, large shower, and beautiful countertop all add indulgent luxury to the bath. Many companies offer a variety of quartz and stone surfaces that help create a spa-like environment. And with striking natural colors ranging from misty grays and wintry whites, customers can discover looks that fit their individual styles.

Form and Function

Along with atmosphere, customers value functionality.

To maximize functionality, customers desire adequate space, suitable storage and durable countertops. With A’vant from VT Industries, you can give customers stunning, durable surfaces that stand up to life’s daily routines. The lightweight vanities are quick to install, and since they use less material, they’re more budget-friendly. A’vant vanity surfaces are offered in custom and standard sizes to fit any space and available with sink pairings to complete the look.

Make It Personal

Customers want bathrooms that embody their personalities. One customer may want a bathroom with dimmable lights to set the mood while another prefers a clean, bright look throughout the space.

Other ways to add personal touches include bold accent pieces, interesting artwork and unique countertops. Vanities created with natural quartz and stone ensure no two surfaces are exactly alike.

Where to Begin

The bathroom is the perfect place to start designing in a new build or residential renovation. As architects plan and spec bathrooms, they should always consider what the customer wants. From relaxing master suites to functional guest baths, it’s all about fitting the customer’s style and envisioning how the look can extend beyond a single small space.

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