There are a number of processes done when the doors are still in the factory that can improve accuracy and speed up installation time in the field.

Two of the most beneficial processes to complete before the doors reach the field are pre-drilling for pilot holes and installing hardware.

Benefits of Pre-Drilled Pilot Holes

Drilling pilot holes before the door leaves the factory saves time and energy at the jobsite. In the factory, precise programming ensures that each pilot hole is machine-drilled into each door accurately. Some manufacturers also use advanced manufacturing processes to build up to 1/64th of an inch. This increases consistency between the doors, simplifying installation and boosting efficiency.

Installers have reported that pre-drilled pilot holes save up to 20 minutes per door on the jobsite. Rather than taking the time to individually drill every hole, installers can quickly and efficiently attach the door into the frame while ensuring a high-quality fit.

Benefits of Pre-Installed Hardware

Pre-installing hardware saves time—and money. Hardware such as hinges, locks, exit devices, and flat goods can be installed in the factory.

When hardware is pre-installed, installers can easily attach the doors to their hinge without taking time to add handles, locks, and other hardware.

This also allows the manufacturer to catch any defects before shipping the doors. And when the door arrives at the jobsite, it fits into the frame as it should.

Both pre-drilled pilot holes and pre-installed hardware allow installers to mount the doors with ease while maintaining consistency and a precise fit.

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