Built from 19 shipping containers on 1.8 acres, the Smoky Park Supper Club is supposedly the largest shipping container building in the country.

From construction firm SG Blocks, the restaurant in Asheville, N.C., offers patrons the opportunity to dine in sleek, modern style. The project makes a fine addition to one of America's top retiree hubs as some features aside from the containers make the project even more sustainable.

The entire process on-site took only three days according to SG Blocks. The primary reason for this was most construction and alteration occurred before each container was delivered. Cutouts for windows and doors, for example, were done off-site. The containers were also left essentially in the same condition. Site clean-up was also a big piece of pre-construction as the site is a redeveloped brownfield.

Based on its location alongside a river, visitors can reach the restaurant by car, foot, bicycle, or boat, adding a bit more potential to the sustainability of the establishment. The project boasts energy savings upwards of 142,500 kWh of energy based on energy saved from having to melt down the containers after their original use.

The restaurant is expected to open soon.

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