Containing many high-tech engineering features, the GRAFF Ametis Ring uses a full-spectrum chromotherapy LED lighting system to add a new dimension to the ring. With a six-color LED controller, the user can choose their mood or “chroma” and immerse themselves in a complete feeling of tranquility. (GRAFF-art of bath center, Suite 103)

Styles come and go, but technology is here to stay. Nowadays, technology—and the need to be connected—touches every part of people’s lives, from phones and tablets, to TVs, computers, and beyond. And our living environs are no exception, with homeowners seeking the seamless integration of design and cutting-edge technology in order to enhance their own comfort, peace of mind, and experience at home. Two of our favorite rooms are prime candidates for smart integration—the kitchen and the bath.

Kitchens: Heart of the Home
Kitchens are the Grand Central Terminal of the home—the hub where any given moment might involve cooking, entertaining, studying, watching TV, paying bills, shopping for groceries, enjoying family time, and more. Innovations like connected design, voice-activation technology, and ingenious appliances are all meant to make life easier.

Baths: The Great Escape
What better room to consider as a candidate for smart home technology and integration than the bath? If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the bath is a place to escape, to promote wellness, and to simplify our lives. Whether it is water conservation systems, temperature controls, or chromotherapy LED lighting, the possibilities are endless to create your customized oasis.

Where to Go to Experience More
Kitchen and bath showrooms shine when it comes to smart and beautiful home design. They enable architects, designers, custom homebuilders, and homeowners to have real-life experiences before making investments. For instance, appliance showrooms host live cooking demonstrations, preparing gourmet meals using their latest designs and technology. And, showrooms specializing in faucets and fixtures marry cutting-edge designs with integrated systems to encourage customer interaction. How do you conservatively manage water usage while building out your master spa bath? Or turn on a faucet with your voice? Or make the perfect salmon in record time? Showrooms will have the answers! Education is a staple feature—whether it’s in employing expert staff, offering CEU presentations or delivering compelling designs.

With more than 45 showrooms, all open to the public, LuxeHome, the world’s largest collection of premier boutiques for homebuilding and renovation, offers visitors a truly one-stop shopping experience, as well as the ability to experience the latest in design and technology in real life and real time. To learn more visit or call the LuxeHome Concierge at 312-527-7939 to truly customize your experience; LuxeHome boutiques are located on the first floor of the historic Merchandise Mart in downtown Chicago.

Enjoy a curated look at some of the most luxurious and smart upgrades for your home.