CCY Architects

Locations & Contacts

  • 228 Midland Ave
    BASALT, Colorado

Firm Description

CCY Architects


  1. Award Winning Victorian Music Box

    Victorian Music Box

    Aspen, CO

  2. Award Winning Maroon Creek Overlook Residence

    Maroon Creek Overlook Residence

    Aspen, CO

  3. Award Winning Red Butte Residence

    Red Butte Residence

    Aspen, CO

  4. Award Winning Aspen Art Museum

    Aspen Art Museum

    Aspen, CO, United States

  5. Old Pond Residence

    Old Pond Residence

    Snowmass, Pitkin County, CO

  6. Woody Creek Residence

    Woody Creek Residence

    Aspen, CO

  7. Castle Creek Residence

    Castle Creek Residence

    Castle Creek, CO

  8. Meadow | House

    Meadow | House

    Aspen, CO

  9. Aspen Historic Lake Residence Renovation

    Aspen Historic Lake Residence Renovation

    Aspen, CO, USA

  10. Wood Road Residence

    Wood Road Residence

    Snowmass Village, Colorado, CO

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