Custom-Bilt Metals

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Solar-Integrated Roofing Makes a Splash

New roofing helps solar panels hide in plain sight. More

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Metal Shingle Resembles Traditional Shingle

Custom-Bilt Metals has launched its Vail Titan Select Steel and Vail Majestic Copper shingles. More

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Exterior Products Review: Metal Roofing

Home builder Gary Mevis doesn't have much trouble selling metal roofs to buyers of the high-end custom homes he nestles under the towering Ponderosa pine trees in Prescott, Ariz. His sales pitch involves this likely scenario: "Say you're away from your home and in comes a strong wind, which we get here, and one of those heavy limbs breaks off and falls on your roof and you have an asphalt shingle roof. That limb can go completely through that shingle and the roof decking, and now you've got a hole in your roof, and you may not know it for a couple of weeks because you're away." More

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New & Notable Green Building Products

A selection of sustainable products, including ventilation fans, thin-film solar roofing, low-flow faucets, and energy monitoring. More

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