Englert. The company now offers an integrated system that combines its UltraCool-coated metal roofing with integrated PV, solar hot water heating, and rainwater harvesting. The SunNet solar standing-seam roof features ¼-inch-thick laminate solar collectors. Mounted underneath is a solar thermal system that draws heat from the roof and transfers it to the hot-water system. Finally, three rainwater harvesting kits capture water for non-potable use; integrated LeafGuard and Gutter Tunnel protection help keep debris out of the containment tanks. 800.364.5378. www.englertinc.com

SmartCool Systems. Added to existing controls on air conditioners and refrigeration systems, the Eco3 controller tracks, analyzes, adjusts, and optimizes the compressor to reduce energy consumption up to 15%, says the company. The Eco3 wires directly between the existing controller and the compressor. According to the firm, the device offers a two- to three-year return on investment. 713.263.7888. www.smartcool.net