Louis Poulsen Lighting

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2018 Lighting Products: Decorative Lighting

Innovative configurations, materials, and inspirations result in 23 unique... More

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2018 Lighting Products: Outdoor

From "smart" bollards to Dark Sky-rated streetlighting, these new luminaires are... More

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Louis Poulsen's PH 5 Celebrates 60 Years

The iconic fixture is now available in eight new gradient colorways. More

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LP Capsule by Louis Poulsen

This outdoor fixture was designed by Carsten Fischer, lead design architect at... More

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Louis Poulsen Receives AIA Collaborative Achievement Award

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has selected five recipients for its... More

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Louis Poulsen Introduces Aeros Pendant

Aeros pendant inspired by bone tissue structure. More

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Cable Hanger Device

Now available with the Orbiter and Nyhavn outdoor luminaires, Louis Poulsen Lighting's cable hanger unit (introduced with the LP Icon in 2004) serves as an exterior-rated, through-wiring splice box that provides a safe, watertight electrical connection. The cable attaches to the top of each fixture, allowing single or multiple fixtures to be suspended from each cable, ideal for areas where lighting poles would clutter the landscape. More

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